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SuperLuminauts is a local-multiplayer space dogfighter where your missiles leave trails in space & time

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Every projectile you fire ricochets and leaves a trail in space-time. Missiles don't just launch, they trail and richochet and shatter and cascade in a web of space-time. Like an artist you plan each stroke with precision or like a modern artist you can throw a haphazard mess and do a pretty good job too.

2-4 Player Couch Chaos


controllers To start playing, all you need is a keyboard & mouse and another human being who you don't mind being temporary mortal enemies with. To maximize competitive shouting/gloating, you'll need 2 or more controllers for four players.


A Sci-Fi Rainbow of Ships

Though all vehicles are outfitted with the same specs, we all know the coolest ship with the coolest paint job is going to win.


3 New Ways to Play

We've scoured the universe of infinite game-modes and we thought these were the most fun ways to demolish the fabric of space-time, and involved the fewest subatomic-implosions and/or lizard-people uprisings.


Stellar Tunes

To make the bleeps, bloops, and music of SuperLuminauts, Cameron (LoadCard) digitized himself into the game with a microphone and synthesizer, and came back with 5 stellar tracks and the ability to speak to computers.

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